Awards Breakdown

Class FET Award Holders (Headcount) HET Award Holders (Headcount)
Class Level Analysis of Awards


There are two ways to represent QQI awards, as featured above.
  • Total number of award holders and
  • Total number of awards (disaggregated: chiefly affects FET component certificates)
QQI HET awards do not include any awards by providers who have delegated authority. Please refer to HEA website for these data.
  1. The total (individual award holders) is not the sum of the four award classes holders as some people achieve awards of more than one award class, e.g. a major award and a minor award.
  2. The figures provide a breakdown of the component certificates (for minor awards) issued. This only affects the FET component certificates. The number of minor awards when component certificates are disaggregated is approx. double the number of paper certificates issued for component awards, which means that a component award lists an average of two minors attained.